Tips To Visit The Galapagos Islands On A Cruise!

Incredible wildlife resources, natural beauty and assured seclusion, make the Galapagos Islands one of the best destinations for a cruise trip. Anyone visiting Ecuador should make time for these islands, which are located far off the mainland and are best enjoyed from an on-board cruise. There are quite a few options when planning a Galapagos cruise trip, but below are some of the things that may come in handy when planning your Galapagos vacation.

Select the right cruise

Many Galapagos experts and travel agents offer cruise choices to travelers around the world, and it is always advisable to book in advance, for dates like Christmas, cruises are often booked up with almost 10 months in advance. If you are visiting for the first time, do your homework. There are many restrictions on all of the major 13 islands of the Galapagos; after all, this entire amazing archipelago is a National Park.

It is wise to consider a cruise that offers itineraries covering the main sites of the archipelago, making the most out of your time and getting to see as much as possible. Getting a cheaper last-minute deal is a possibility, but given the demand, you need to be very lucky to find an option like that, for dates that are not as busy though it is normally okay to wait a little, and try to book closer to the departure date as this way you could get a great Galapagos holiday for a reduced price.

Check the itinerary

The National Park takes the call on Galapagos cruise itineraries, so it is important to check that aspect in detail before booking. Depending on the kind of cruise you choose and the facilities and services included on board, you can expect to pay a price of $2000 or more for a standard 3-star cruise, the way it works with most Galapagos yachts is that they visit the islands only during day time, offering activities like snorkeling, trekking, spending time at the beach or just relaxing, all together with a specialized English speaking and naturalist guide who can teach you about the islands, its geology, history and amazing wildlife.

Make sure to check in advance which type of Galapagos cruise is right for you and which kind of activities you can expect to enjoy during your trip, don’t feel puzzled about the many options available, and speak to an expert Galapagos Travel Agent who can guide you in the process of selecting your cruise tour.

Know the inclusions

For some Galapagos cruise tours, you may have to pay for additional charges on board, such as, drinks served on the boat or the equipment used for water activities like snorkeling. For all these details and to get straight information, get in touch with Galapagos local experts, a local based Ecuador Travel Company that delights its clients with amazing service and first hand prices for a great Galapagos holiday!

Most Galapagos cruises do offer guided tours of the islands for every day of their itineraries; this is the easiest and best way to explore Galapagos. You shouldn’t spend lots of money on additional services, but do keep some cash handy. Check the cruises available online to get the best deals and discounts, and if you are not into high-end luxury, the three or four-star cruises should suffice, proving private accommodation with private bathrooms, ample social areas as well as excellent expedition guides, these cruises operate in the Galapagos Islands with very high standards.

Book your vacation to Galapagos now! It will be a trip of a life-time!