London Is A Great City For A Vacation

There are many reasons to visit London, particularly if you are on vacation. If you come to the city on business then you may only be here for a few days, and it’s a case of “touch down, do the business, and back home again” which is fair enough. You may not have either the time or the inclination to stay any longer than you have to.

However, London has 19 million visitors a year, and a large percentage of them come to the city on vacation and in order to see the sights – and there are plenty of those. There are some incredible buildings to visit such as Buckingham Palace – the residence of the Queen, colloquially known as “Buck House” – the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben (although it is being restored and is covered with scaffold at present), the Tower of London with Tower Bridge right opposite it, and a host of museums, art galleries, parks, and more.

On the subject of parks, would you believe that in St James’s Park you can get up close and personal with the resident pelicans? Yes, pelicans, thousands of miles from their usual habitat.

Then there is the shopping. Bring all your credit cards, because the shopping in London is incredible. There is Bond Street, Oxford Street, Regent Street, Piccadilly, and Knightsbridge, and they are all within 15 minutes’ walk of each other. You are actually better off walking, because in common with every other major world city the traffic is terribly slow.

You also have Regents Park Zoo – one of the most famous zoos in the world – and just up the road is Lords Cricket Ground if you want to see a truly traditional British sport.

Those are just some of the exciting things to see and do on a vacation to London. There are plenty more.

However, where do you stay? There are literally dozens of hotels in Central London, many of them world famous. But there is a better option and that is to stay in one of the serviced apartments in London, Mayfair, right in the heart of the city. Yes, you can rent a serviced apartment that will compete with any hotel for luxury and become your “home from home” for the duration of your stay. Instead of being cooped up in a cramped hotel bedroom, you can spread your wings in a serviced apartment where you will get everything that you can get in a hotel with the one exception of having all your meals cooked for you.

Many people consider that is a great deal, especially since you are surrounded by restaurants in Mayfair and can eat out if you wish. The other big benefit is that renting a serviced apartment will cost you a lot less than staying in a hotel.