Information on Volunteering Programs in Bali

An Introduction on Volunteering Programs in Bali

Volunteering to participate in number of projects conducted by International HQ in Bali is one of the most interesting things. There are a number of interesting volunteer abroad projects that you can join for various fields like teaching, environmental education, kindergarten, health education, renovation, construction and turtle conservation. The volunteers are supposed to be based in Ubud and on the island of Nusa Penida.

Objectives of volunteer programs:

  1. Education: These programs lay a lot of stress on a child’s education as they believe that it can transform his/her destiny. The chief motive of the international volunteer program is to give opportunities to encourage local Balinese communities by providing the children with English classes for free, holding various workshops and recycling events. Volunteering programs in Bali even provide paid-internship, scholarship program and create job opportunities by encouraging local businessmen.

All this is done in due respect with holding the values and in maintaining the cultural heritage of Bali. These classes give the youth of Bali the best of opportunities to fight poverty and encourage others to contribute in the healthy growth of their community.

  1. Conservation of Sea Turtle project: This program aims on the conservation of sea turtles. If you love beach and sea turtles, this volunteer program may be a perfect one for you. There are various local organizations located on the island of Nusa Penida and their main motive is to sustain and protect the diminishing population of sea turtles.

This project is conducted with the help of awareness campaigns. It includes collecting data, feeding turtles, searching for turtle eggs, monitoring turtle health, looking after the injured and sick turtles, and interacting with other marine life conservation associations.

Benefits of Enrolling in Volunteering Programs in Bali

There are several rewards that you can get by joining the volunteering programs in Bali, irrespective of what kind of program you decide to volunteer.

  • Calibrate your priorities and you will discover a huge gratitude toward your own living.
  • If you do something good for others, you will notice a great potential within yourself. You even tend to make new friends beyond your limited boundaries.

  • The volunteers learn new language, leadership skills and team work spirit.
  • Bali is a stunning destination; you can explore it by enrolling in these kinds of volunteer programs.
  • The certificates the volunteers get can add to the college credits.

Going for the volunteering programs in Bali is a wonderful way to experience the magnificent country in a manner a normal traveller would never manage to.