Have the Holiday of Your Dreams in Greece Today

Are you looking for a vacation option that will help you create memories that will last a lifetime? Do you love history and feeling like you’ve stumbled right into the past? If so, a beautiful walking tour of Greece might just be the perfect holiday choice for you. Between its stunning natural beauty and architecture that could be admired for days, you’re sure to find yourself in awe of this country’s incredible marvels. Here are some possible walking tours, each with its own set of wonders, that you may want to consider for your next trip.


When you take a self-guided walking tour of Crete, you’ll get more than just a vacation. You’ll be able to take yourself on a self-finding escape filled with beautiful sites, clear blue skies, and deserted beaches that run for miles. If you’re an environmental lover who’s interested in seeing all the incredible natural beauty Greece has to offer, then this is the perfect tour for you. Fling yourself into the stunning waters of the Libyan Sea before you start your hike along one of Europe’s most impressive coastlines. If you’re looking for a way to disappear from the real world, this will definitely do it.

Athens and Nearby Islands

A history lover’s dream come true, visiting Athens, one of Greece’s most well known cities, you can remember your walking in Greece holidays for many years to come. Between the Acropolis, the Parthenon, and the vast array of ancient Greek marketplaces, you can truly get a feel for the incredible past this city has seen.

And if wandering through the amazing architecture whilst enjoying an amazing Gyro in one hand and a glass of ouzo in the other, then visiting the nearby islands will also be an exciting treat. Make sure to check out the stunning Temple of Poseidon when walking around the Island of Poros and remember to wear the right shoes when scampering down the cobbled streets of Hydra. All in all, visiting this stunning area will be a vacation you’re not soon to forget.


If you’re a professional photographer, or even just a whiz with the camera on your smartphone, visiting the jaw dropping sites of Santorini will be an experience unlike any other. Widely considered to be the most photogenic spot in all of Greece, you can lose yourself in its steep cliffs and white-washed villages. Walk around all day whilst sipping some of the most delicious wine in all of Greece, all the while snapping away until you get that perfect shot. A walking tour of this stunning Greek isle will give you thrills to last a lifetime.

If you’re looking for a holiday that you’ll never be able to beat, then finding the perfect Greek walking tour is the perfect choice for you. Whether you prefer returning to nature or discovering incredible historic wonders, Greece is a country that has it all. Find the walking tour of your dreams and create the best possible vacation today.